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About Us

Global Growth Consultancy


Achieve Your Dream Career and Obtain Valuable Support from our Educational Consultants


Relocating to a new country to pursue academic studies, business or work is not without its challenges. Therefore, it is vital that you receive the right support you need to embark on your exciting journey. At Global Growth Consultancy, we are a team of skilled educational consultants who offer first class educational and career counseling services to assist you.


It is the prime and perhaps the most important decision in the life of a student or anyone to build his/her career in a particular area of education for studying or making a career abroad. Such a decision has a long-lasting rippling effect on the whole life and hence it needs to be taken after having had a proper counseling and in-depth research with the experienced brains with farsightedness and visionary attitude. GGC is a visionary organization with pious work ethics and aims to cater to straight forward guidance to the students and others wanting to make a career abroad.


GGC caters to various Immigration visa consultancy services in respect of:

  • Experienced & Expert guided assistance on different aspects of studying abroad.

  • Higher Studies abroad with over 100+ reputed universities across the globe.

  • Student Visa, Work Placements, Permanent Residency and Business Visa.

  • Prominent countries like the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Singapore, Denmark, Dubai, Sweden, and the rest of Europe.


Rely on Our Trusted Educational Consultants 

As compassionate, understanding educational consultants, we counsel you on your academic interests as well as your career ambitions. We are dedicated to the field of education, business expansion, permanent residency and work placements. We offer personal coaching to provide the support you need to make the right choice in your career based on your passion and strengths. 


Providing First Class Immigration Advice 

As an established educational consultancy, we work alongside trusted UK OISC certified lawyers. Facilitating and connecting our clients with the licensed migration lawyers, we are a reliable intermediary. We are expanding our contracts to additional countries offering extensive possibilities for people wanting to go abroad.


Our Bench marking Success:

Why GGC Immigration:

When it is a choice to be made for the best among the few, you need to evaluate a visa consultancy firm which renders multiple services- right from the submission of the application form to the admission and accommodation in a particular country. GGC stands out in all the aspects be it a selection of a university or a branch of study abroad, with their best of the breed team of Students Visa consultants.

  • We, at GGC, take care to enhance and upgrade ourselves with the latest technological and other advancements in the area of education. This is only the reason why GGC out stands the competition with our biggest asset- multi-services exposure in Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and the rest of Europe.

  • The students’ visa Consultants team at GGC is well equipped and got trained from former visa officers for immigration policy and GGC is also associated with various well reputed immigration law firms in the countries like Canada, USA, New Zealand, Quebec (Canada), Australia and the rest of Europe.

  • GGC has authorizations for Input node for submission of :

  • IELTS Test Application forms for British Council,

  • Input node for submission of IELTS Test Application forms for IDP: IELTS 

  • Another important factor behind our success in Students’ Visa Consultancy services is that GGC has got Exclusive Tie-Ups with Top-Class Immigration Lawyers from different countries, under whose guidance the chances of loopholes in the procedure or process of immigration are rare. This is a very significant factor as there are practices being followed by many agents who just go through various websites and share information which might be limited in one or another way and it may even misguide or spoil your case.

  • GGC Immigration leads In-House R&D centers to study the lucrative opportunities abroad and analyze the new policies of each country. This is doubtlessly helpful in the right selection of the foreign educational institute of your choice.

  • Quality Education and efficient counseling scheduling are the core principles that we follow at GGC. In order to follow these standards, each batch size is kept up to 25 students. We also have the most experienced faculties with expertise knowledge on the respective subject. Key to our coaching success is the scientific methodology to impart coaching at our class where every student gets personalized coaching and counselling completely customized to one's specific needs. 

  • GGC Immigration provides one stop guidance for coaching (in various standardized tests for studying abroad), student visa customers for academic or immigration purposes are catered by our highly professional team.

  • You are sure to get to the point, ample guidance and support at every stage of the student permit & immigration process by our well trained and professional Visa Consultancy team.

  • We have crafted with the help of our professionals an intensive visa preparation program for students’ immigration in the Countries like USA/AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND/CANADA/QUEBEC (CANADA)/ UK AND THE REST OF EUROPE.

  • It is a matter of pride for GGC Immigration to represent the highest number of colleges & universities in UK/CANADA.

  • You will find 100% TRANSPARENCY at each phase of the process or procedure and all the transactions that you deal with through GGC Consultancy Services.



GGC is committed to work with the mission of providing:

  • Innovation in the way we render our Immigration services

  • Broadening the academic, living and working standards

  • Industry best services for the personal development, global awareness among the students pursuing higher studies

  • Best of its kind Students’ Visa Business Visa, Work placements and Permanent Residency and immigration services at the most affordable fees structure.



Vision is nothing but a futuristic anticipation based on the facts and achievements. GGC works on this motto and has always initiated the most demanding yet challenging requirements of the students and helps them the best way we can with our sincere efforts and inputs.

In order to make this vision come true, we have developed a model organization to assist the students for,

  • Various Study Abroad Programs highly compatible for different universities across the globe.

  • Ease of Immigration & Visa processes & procedures.

  • Smart planning for the international exams like IELTS, TOEFL, iBT, GRE, SAT AND GMAT.

  • GGC has always taken care of following the latest practices in the field of international education, customer services, corporate citizenship and a highly professional working environment.


Counsel Value

Integrity & Transparency

We commit what we can do. Hence there may be something more but nothing less. Simultaneously, it has always been the tendency of GGC to strictly follow the ethical standards set at the outset. You will always find the bold curve of transparency at every phase of the each process be it a primary counseling or the selection of the university of your choice. In a nutshell, we claim what is true and feasible.


Commitment & Responsiveness

GGC is a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Every effort is directed towards the right direction to bring in the excellence in the services rendered by GGC . GGC is acclaimed for their services for the prompt, reliable and the most economic services in a personalized manner be it a student for higher studies abroad or a person intending to apply for the citizenship visa. We do it with the tailored programs set for each segment after in-depth research.



We lead in-House R & D centers to study lucrative opportunities abroad and analyze new policies of each country. The study material provided to students is a by product of rigorous researches



Applied Knowledge with conscious efforts is our strength. “Let’s Grow Globally” is what GGC stands and strives for.


Services at Global Growth Consultancy

You will find the following industry best services at GGC with its well trained and educated Visa Consultants;

  • Free introductory presentation on education for countries like UK , USA, CANADA, New Zealand, Australia & Singapore etc.

  • Briefing about the educational sectors in these countries and giving all relevant information about admission procedures, visa procedures, financial requirements etc.

  • Free one to one session with our well trained counsellors to discuss the case in person. You will get an ideal guidance on your every minute question considering your academic track record, aptitude and future plans. You will be provided with the complete details regarding the most comfortable university for you meeting your most requirements. You would also get free counselling sessions for work placements, business expansion and permanent residency in different countries.


The Immigration, Admission and Visa Process followed at GGC :

  • Once the student selects the Institute or university, we forward their application, secure admission and then puts up the visa file for the student to the concerned authority.

  • An orientation program of a full day program, better known as “Pre Departure Program”, is organized by GGC where the students are imparted necessary information by the experienced consultants on how to live the first 100 days in a particular country they are flying to.

  • GGC also conducts major events during the year namely Australia Week, Presentation for Undergraduate students & Road shows in which institutions from respective countries also participate.


Global Growth Coaching – Magic Pills for Success in Foreign Education

In the last decade, the concept of globalization has witnessed a drastic change in the profile and requirements of students’ community and the professional shift in the same. It is not now uncommon that students from India are seeking better future opportunities with the new educational horizons in foreign countries with multiple branches of studying. Besides, there has been a remarkable upward rise in the demand for the management studies, IT along with the emergence of demand for the soft skills like Self-development, Personality Development, Self-grooming, self-help etc. To pace with the changing time and trend, GGC has successfully framed various study modules with the help of the leading faculties in this area. It is GGC , a company with a Visionary team, that has helped hundreds of students create their brand identity.


How would GGC turn out to be a magic pill for you?

  • One to One Coaching

  • Personal attendance considering your needs

  • Major focus on language skills, quantitative abilities in respect of the competitive exams

  • Ideal time management charts for exams

  • Experienced, dedicated faculties

  • Limited number of students in every batch

  • Colloquial method of teaching where every student enjoys the freedom of asking any question relating to his doubts or ambiguity.

  • More scientific and systematic methodology of coaching with smart tips and techniques to solve the questions in required time.


In a nutshell, It is GGC that lays the foundation stone of a brilliant career of more than 2000 students every year who venture to explore the new horizons of their life and career. We are just a medium to help them translate their dreams into reality.

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